Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Samhuinn 2006 in Edinburgh

Samhuinn Fire

80-200mm f2.8 zoom handheld in available light

I was invited to come out and photograph the Samhuinn celebrations in Edinburgh by fellow Flickrite Sibelian, who's taken part in the ceremonies in past years; it's a big theatrical pagan event, enacting the overthrow of the court of summer by the court of winter.

I got into a rather poor position for the main event, jammed into a crowd so tightly packed that I couldn't get into my rucksack for my telephoto lens until late in the proceedings. As a result, I didn't get a record of the whole thing (I also forgot to take establishing shots again), but I did get some good single shots, including the dramatic bonfire shot above, and some good individual portraits of interestingly painted people in the procession down to The Mound.

Summer Vs. Winter

80-200mm zoom with SB-24 flash in manual mode

Girl With Pumpkin And A Knife Through Her Head

18-50 f2.8 zoom @ 18mm, f8, focus pre-set at about 10ft, SB-24 flash in auto mode - exposures were pretty reliable

Blue Ladies 3

18-50 f2.8 zoom @ 18mm, f8, focus pre-set at about 10ft, slow-sync flash with SB-24 in auto mode.

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