Sunday, November 04, 2007

Better Is Not Always Best...

The original shot; 916 views, 59 faves and 20 comments in a week on Flickr

Interesting quandary this week; last Friday I loaded the above shot on to Flickr. It was just a quick joke thing, shot on my Canon compact, up it loaded and then on to other stuff. Despite a busy week it did niggle the anal part of my brain that I'd not quite got it right though; the highlights on the figures are badly blown.
After a day or so I got round to re-shooting on my SLR (whose bigger sensor copes better with contrast) and then it took the rest of the week before I got round to getting the shot off the camera. Normally, when I make a technical improvement, I'd just replace a shot on Flickr, but in the meantime the original shot had garnered 916 views (2nd highest ever on my stream), 59 faves (highest ever on my stream) and 20 comments (2nd highest ever on my stream).

Revised version with better contrast control

I decided that, since the original had been so popular, and the new one had slightly different framing, it would be "cheating" to just replace it; besides, just because I prefer the low-contrast version doesn't mean my "readership" of 59 "favers" would think so. In the end I've uploaded both to my Flickr stream and linked the two so that people can see the differences.

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Anonymous said...

I like it; it makes me think of the game Red Light, Green Light!